Every business success story begins with the customer.

If an entrepreneur can bring a new restaurant concept to the marketplace that fills a genuine consumer void or need, and do it with a high quality product at a fair price, then he or she is almost certain to succeed.

Nothing but Noodles recognizes a consumer need – a need for something different – something high quality that is prepared fresh and served quickly and professionally in a non-tipping, relaxed and memorable atmosphere.


Nothing but Noodles is a fast-casual restaurant dedicated to providing the highest quality, best tasting, made to order noodle and global pasta dishes available. We fill the void between the typical fast-food outlet that so many people frequent due to lack of choices and time constraints and a full service dining experience that is both costly and time consuming. Within 15 minutes of entering the store, customers are enjoying a wok-seared bowl of noodles or a garden fresh salad served in one of our heavy ceramic china bowls.

Serving cuisine that draws on a variety of cultural influences from around the world, including Asian, European, Mediterranean and American, Nothing but Noodles offers something for every member of the family to enjoy!


Our founders, Todd Welker and Chad Everts, were multi-unit (25+) franchisees of other nationally branded QSR concepts prior to their mutual idea of testing the concept of a Nothing but Noodles restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in April of 2002.  Experiencing rapid success, they made a business decision to move to a larger metro area to better test the concept amongst stronger restaurant competition.  Scottsdale, Arizona, became their new headquarter base for their company, Noodles Development, LP.

As of December 2023, there are 5 Nothing but Noodles locations open, and 1 new location under construction, set to open in April 2024. We welcome experienced full service and QSR restaurant operators to join in the journey as we grow this brand to a regional and national presence.


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